Jo Quail

'Gold' Filmed and edited by Michael Fletcher


My music is born of every single thing I see, hear, feel, imagine, dream and also forget…

Jo Quail is an internationally acclaimed composer and virtuoso cellist from London, UK. Equally at home on stage solo, with bands, or in collaboration with choir and orchestra, she combines an eloquent mastery of her instrument with innovative looping techniques, to realise her complex, evocative music for audiences worldwide.

Watch Jo Quail perform Forge from ‘Exsolve’ with the Boss RC600 Loop Station

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  • 07
    Jul, 2022
    Lille w Emma Ruth Rundle
  • 10
    Jul, 2022
    Rennes w Emma Ruth Rundle
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  • 11
    Jul, 2022
    Paris w Emma Ruth Rundle
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  • 12
    Jul, 2022
    Dampierre-Les-Bois w Emma Ruth Rundle
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“One of the most awe-inspiring and inventive cellists of our generation”

Heathen Harvest Periodical (USA)
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