Unboundaried contemporary instrumental music composed and performed by UK cellist Jo Quail.

London based cellist and composer Jo Quail draws upon myriad influences, creating music that connects with and unites a very diverse audience. Whilst influenced by the music of Bach, Debussy, Tavener and Bartok, as well as contemporary artists such as Trent Reznor and Perry Farrell, Jo’s highly evocative and atmospheric music follows its own singular path.

Coupling extended cellistic techniques with looping technology Jo creates elegiac soundscapes entirely live, with no pre-recorded elements; whether eerily intimate or magnificently rich in layers and textures, Jo’s music will take you on a transcendent journey.

Jo studied music from a very young age and completed her BA in performance at the University of Leeds, since when she has featured as a guest musician on several global releases.

As a solo artist Jo has released three albums; From The Sea (2011), Caldera (2014), and Five Incantations (2016) to critical acclaim and several individual releases including This Path With Grace, an ambitious 20 minute work in four movements for electric cello with live looping, orchestra and choir. Jo performs regularly in the UK and across the EU, and is embarking on her 7th tour of Australia in 2018. She has also performed her music in New Zealand, South Africa and Japan.

Jo arranges and performs her music with various orchestras and choirs across the world, incorporating live looping and electric cello with traditional classical ensembles.

Twentieth century German composer Paul Hindemith is attributed with the following quotation: Today, unexplored regions of the stringed instruments’ fingerboard are non-existent; even the arctic zones of the eternal rosin (near the bridge) have become a habitable abode for fearless climbers. This comment seems to perfectly encapsulate, both literally and metaphorically, Jo’s vision of her music and her approach to her instrument; always striving further, always searching for improved means of expression and communication with her audience, always ascending.

“Great musical intensity, range and colour…Jo Quail is a virtuoso, eliciting grace and power”

Detlef Eicke, Volksstimmer 2016

“Exciting, enrapturing and utterly engaging, Jo Quail will take you sometimes surprising and often emotional journey…” Adelaide Festival Review, 2105


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