The Pilbara EP

The Pilbara EP

The Pilbara, for string quartet, piano, guitar and percussion. Performed by Jo Quail, George Mattar, Rachel Jones, Stefan Laros, Alex Belotto, Ruban Byrne and Will Connor.

The Pilbara is a vast, thinly populated region in Western Australia, dating back two billion years and reaching out over some 400,000 square kilometers. Home to areas of rugged beauty, vast canyons, silent deep pools, and desert plains stretching as far as the eye can see, the region also houses vast iron ore mining industrial plants. This diverse scenery inspired ‘The Pilbara’ and I’ve tried to capture musically this dramatic, alien landscape.

Special thanks to Michael and Christian Fletcher for bringing this stunning region of Western Australia to us all through film and photography, and for their creative support and enthusiasm throughout the writing of ‘The Pilbara’.



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