From The Sea To The Desert

From The Sea To The Desert

On Thursday 6th October 2011 eleven musicians and artists from across the globe joined me to perform my album From The Sea in its entirety.  During the concert my piece ‘The Pilbara’ was premiered, accompanied by a film created by Australian filmmaker Michael Fletcher, forming part of an exhibition triggered by the dramatic visual imagery of the remote Pilbara region of Western Australia.

‘From The Sea To The Desert’ is a live concert DVD, featuring:

‘The Pilbara Ensemble’ (George Mattar, Rachel Jones, Stefan Laros, Alex Belotti), Will Connor Percussion, Al Richardson Drums and Percussion, Ruban Byrne Guitar and Bass, Roger O’Donnell Piano and Moog, Matt Howden Violin, Jos Pijnappel Viola, Tallulah Rendall Vocals, Jake Harders Vocals, Amy Richardson-Impey Pole Dance.


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