Concert History

Concert History

This is a comprehensive list of my solo performances since January 2010.  Please get in touch if you’d like any information on performances prior to this date, or details of collaborations and recordings with other artists.

UK 210th March 2018 St Mike’s Without, Bath looping demonstration and concert

UK 20th February 2018 Brudenell Social Club Leeds supporting Boris and Amenra

UK 19th February 2018 St Luke’s Glasgow supporting Boris and Amenra

UK 18th February 2018 Gorilla Manchester supporting Boris and Amenra

UK 17th February 2018 Rescue Rooms Nottingham supporting Boris and Amenra

UK 16th February 2018 Norwich Arts Centre supporting Boris and Amenra

UK 15th February 2018 Heaven London supporting Boris and Amenra

UK 14th February 2018 Thekla Bristol supporting Boris and Amenra

UK 3rd February 2018 8 Years of Chaos Festival London

UK 22nd Jauary 2018  St John on Bethnal Green, London, supporting Myrkur

UK 21st Jauary 2018 Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, supporting Myrkur

UK 3rd December 2017 The Harrison, London, a night of improvised music with Lucie Dehli, Sypros Giasfakis and Evi Stergiou

GER 21st October 2017 Private party

UK 25th September 2017 Northern Guitars Leeds

UK 24th September 2017 The Sage Gateshead

UK 19th September 2017 The Lexington w Gabby Young

NL 3rd September 2017 Cafe De Cactus Hengelo

NL 1st September 2017 Oldenzaal Music Festival

BE 30th June 2017 L’An Vert Liege w Lucie Dehli

PL 9th June 2017 Poznan Contemporary Music Festival

UK 19th May 2017 Bath International Music Festival Opening Party

FR  12th April 2017 Petit Bain  Paris with Of The Wand And The Moon

UK 25th March 2017 Salisbury Arts Centre

UK 9th March 2017 Strongroom, London

AUS 5th March 2017 House Concert, Perth

AUS 4th March 2017 Trinity Church, Adelaide

AUS 26th February 2017 Cygnet Town Hall, Tas

AUS 22nd February 2017 Farrall Centre, Hobart, Tas

AUS 18th February 2017 Smiths Alternative Canberra

AUS 16th February 2017 Nagambie Mechanics’ Hall

AUS 15th February 2017 Melbourne Recital Centre

UK 4th December 2016 ‘Two Evenings with Jo Quail’ solo concert at The Harrison

UK 3rd December 2016 ‘Two Evenings with Jo Quail’ solo concert at The Harrison

BELGIUM 27th October 2016 Can’t Live In A Living Room Haacht solo tour

GERMANY 26th October 2016 Schloss Heinrichshorst Magdeburg solo tour

POLAND 25th October 2016 Klub Rockopolis Pila solo tour

POLAND 24th October 2016 Chojnice solo tour

POLAND 23rd October 2016 Ratusz Gdansk, with orchestra and choir of Cappella Gedanensis solo tour

GERMANY 1st October 2016 Private concert, Bremen

HOLLAND 5th Sepetember 2016 Koffie Academie, Amsterdam

NORWAY 3rd September 2016 Sub-Scene, Oslo supporting Caspian

SWEDEN 2nd September 2016 Fangelset, Gothenburg supporting Caspian

SWEDEN 1st September 2016 Debaser Stockholm supporting Caspian

DENMARK 31st August 2016 Beta 2300 Copenhagen supporting Caspian

GERMANY 30th August 2016 Kulturzentrum Hannover supporting Caspian

GERMANY 29th August 2016 Kulttempel Oberhausen supporting Caspian

GERMANY 28th August 2016 Backstage Munich supporting Caspian

ESTONIA 22nd August 2016 Muuga Mannor

GERMANY 11th August 2016 Arp Museum, for Barbara Hepworth exhibition

FRANCE 6th August 2016 6eme Nuit Dark Ritual Festival, supporting Rosa Crux

UK 30th May 2016 Bath International Music Festival, St Michael Without

UK 5th May 2016 Hoxton Bar and Kitchen, London

UK 19th March 2016 St John on Bethnal Green – ‘Five Incantations’ UK Album launch

AUS 4th March 2016 Ellington’s Jazz Club, Perth

AUS 2nd March 2016 Pop Up Concert Dunsborough

AUS 28th February 2016 Forestvale Design Centre, Bruny, Tasmania

AUS 27th February 2016 Uniting Church Hobart Tasmania

AUS 26th February 2016 Mountain Mumma, Sheffield Tasmania

AUS 25th February 2016 Django Bar, Sydney

AUS 21st February 2016 Trinity Sessions for Adelaide Festival

AUS 18th February 2016 Melbourne Recital Centre

AUS 17th February 2016 Abbotsford Convent Improvised performance

UK 4th December 2015 St John on Bethnal Green Acoustic performance

LU 24th November 2015 Rockhal Esch-Alzette main support for Caspian

DE 23rd November 2015 Underground Cologne main support for Caspian

AT 22nd November 2015 Live Stage Innsbruck main support for Caspian

IT 21st November 2015 Teatro Civico Schio main support for Caspian

IT 20th November 2015 LoFi Club Milan main support for Caspian

CH 19th November 2015 ISC Club Bern main support for Caspian

CH 18th November 2015 L’Usine Theatre Geneva main support for Caspian

DE 17th November 2015 JuHa West Stuttgart main support for Caspian

DE 16th November 2015 Kassablanca Jena main support for Caspian

AT 15th November 2015 Viper Rooms Vienna main support for Caspian

PL 14th November 2015 Progresja Music Zone Warsaw main support for Caspian

CZ 13th November 2015 Vila Stvanice Prague  main support for Caspian

DE 12th November 2015 Beatpol Dresden main support for Caspian

DE 11th November 2015 Lido Berlin main support for Caspian

DE 10th November 2015 Haffenklang Hamburg main support for Caspian

BE 9th November 2015 Minardschouwberg Ghent main support for Caspian

FR 8th November 2015 Divan Du Monde Paris main support for Caspian

UK 7th November 2015 Green Door Store Brighton main support for Caspian

UK 6th November 2015 Brudenell Social Club Leeds main support for Caspian

UK 5th November 2015 Classic Grand Glasgow main support for Caspian

UK 4th November 2015 Corporation Sheffield main support for Caspian

UK 3rd November 2015 Rainbow Cellars Birmingham main support for Caspian

UK 2nd November 2015 The Dome London main support for Caspian

UK 12th September 2015 Dilston Grove, London, including This Path With Grace with The Green Army Choir

UK 1st August 2015 Rising Sun Arts Centre, Reading

UK 30th July 2015 Special collaboration with Massar Egbari, London

UK 17th June 2015 Arthouse Cinema, London

DE 24th May 2015 Schauspielhaus, Leipzig

BE 15th May 2015 Dunk!2015 Festival

DE9th May 2015 Monkey’s Music Bar, Hamburg

UK 21st March 2015 London

AUS 7th March 2015 Yallingup, WA

AUS 5th March 2015 Ellington’s Jazz Club, Perth

AUS 4th March 2015 Rosny Barn, Hobart, Tas

AUS 29th February 2015 Mountain Mumma, Sheffield, Tas

AUS 28th February 2015 ForestVale Design Centre, Bruny Island, Tas

AUS 27th February 2015 Tasmanian Composers’ Festival guest appearance Hobart, Tas

AUS 26th February 2015 Camelot Bar Sydney

AUS 24th February 2015 The Toff In Town Melbourne

AUS 21st February 2015 Trinity Sessions Adelaide

AUS 20th February 2015 Trinity Sessions Adelaide

UK 7th February 2015 St John on Bethnal Green, London (Nocturnes Concert featuring ensemble and prem of This Path With Grace)

UK 1st February 2015 I’klektik, London

DE 23rd January 2015 Bremen

FR 17th January 2015 Cafe de Paris, Paris

UK 29th October 2014 Alexandra Palace by invitation to perform for guru Amma.

UK 4th October 2014 Swindon Arts Centre, performing with poet Mohan Rana

UK 2nd October 2014 St John on Bethnal Green closing night of Tales From The Autumn House

UK 24th September 2014 O2 Academy, Islington supporting Tribazik

UK 17th August 2014 SOS Festival, Electrowerkz, London

UK 16th August 2014 ‘Is It All Black and White’ festival, Dilston Grove, London

DK 26 July 2014 Fano Folk Festival

UK 28 June 2014 The Islington, London – Launch of ‘Caldera’ with chamber ensemble, Lucie Dehli and Daemonia Nymphe

UK 4 May 2014 The Garage, London supporting Rosa Crux

AT 25 March 2014 Vienna

AT 24 March 2014 Salzburg

UK 30 March 2014 Sadler’s Wells as a guest of Zendeh Delan

KUWAIT 29 March 2014 with the British Embassy and Chaos Theory

PL 23 March 2014 with orchestra Cappella Gedanansis

UK 16 February 2014 The Lexington, London supporting Daemonia Nymphe

UK 7 – 8 November 2013 Rasp write-perform-record project with Matt Howden, Sheffield (Red Tape, The Lantern, C60)

UK 30 October 2013 The Purple Turtle, Camden supporting Rasputina

DK 27 October 2013 Jazzhouse, Copenhagen

SWEDEN 26 October 2013 Fylkingen, Stockholm

UK 14 September 2013 Electrowerkz, London supporting Rome

UK 17 August 2013 Forever Sun Festival, Dorset

UK 27 July 2013 Burton Street Foundation Festival, Sheffield

UK 27 July 2013 The Lantern, Sheffield

UK 28 July 2013 The Hop, Leeds

UK 28 June 2013 Davenport’s Magic Theatre, London with magician Dee Riley

UK 15 June 2013 Plumstead Common Festival, London

UK 1 June 2013 St Leonard’s Church, London opening for In The Nursery

UK 16 May 2013 BBC Headquarters, London

UK 1 May 2013 St Pancras Station, London

AT 19 April 2013 Vanitas, Vienna

UK 7 April 2013 Stoke The Fire, London

AUS 18 January 2013 Dunsborough concert for ND5, WA

AUS 16 January 2013 Battery Point Community Hall, Hobart, Tasmania

AUS 15 January 2013 Brookfield Vineyard, Margate, Tasmania

AUS 11 – 13 January 2013 Cygnet Festival Tasmania

AUS 10 January 2013 The Lark Distillery, Hobart, Tasmania

UK 17 December 2012 Rattelsnake, Angel

UK 22 November 2012 St Leonard’s Church, London supporting Othon & Tomasini

HOLLAND 15 November 2012 Radio 4 Virus show, Rotterdam

HOLLAND 14 November 2012 Theatre Weerklichts, Rotterdam

UK 27 October 2012 Surya, London Oxjam

HOLLAND 7 September 2012 Forum, Enschede

PORTUGAL 24 August  2012 Fade In Festival, Leiria, Portugal

UK  11 August 2012 The Dark Room, Lambeth Road, London

UK 30 June 2012 Floorshow @ Mary Jane’s, London

UK 17 June 2012 Mycenae House, Blackheath, London

UK 14 and 15 June 2012 Jackson’s Lane Theatre performing ‘The Colour of Water’ for a circus triple bill featuring Frederike Gerstner

UK 3 June 2012 Meadowlands Festival, Glyndebourne, East Sussex

UK 24 May 2012 The Miller, London Bridge

UK 30 April 2012 The Old Queen’s Head, Islington, London

BELGIUM 24 Mar 2012 L’an Vert, Liege

UK 15 Jan 2012 ‘You Don’t Bring Me Flowers’ art gallery and cafe, Hither Green, London, performing on acoustic and electric cello, Bach Suites and tracks from ‘From The Sea’.

UK 6 October 2011 St Leonard’s Church, Shoreditch. Full performance of ‘From The Sea’ plus premier of  ‘The Pilbara’. Concert featuring guest musicians Roger O’Donnell, Matt Howden, Alistair Richardson, Ruban Byrne, Jos Pijnappel, Will Connor, Tallulah Rendall, Jake Harders, Alex Belotto, Rachel Jones, George Mattar, Stefan Laros, and Amy Richardson-Impey on freestanding pole. Presented by Chaos Theory.

UK 28 Aug 2011 Shambala Festival, Sankofa’s Stage,  Northants

UK 17 Aug 2011 The Underbelly,  Hoxton, London

UK 4 Jul 2011  Jackson’s Lane Theatre, London  performing as part of circus show ‘Obstacle’

GERMANY 10 June 2011 Shapielhaus Theatre, Leipzig (WGT FESTIVAL)

UK 2 June 2011  The Rhythm Factory, Whitechapel Road

UK 28 May 2011  The Underbelly  Hoxton

UK 22 May 2011 The Drop, StokeNewington

UK 20 May 2011 Pulse, London- Private event

GERMANY10 Apr 2011 Berlin, Germany

GERMANY 8 Apr 2011 Hamburg, Germany

GERMANY 7 Apr 2011 Cafe Zapata, Berlin, Germany

UK 30 Mar 2011 Electrowerkz, Islington,Londonperforming for the 2011 Chantilly Lace awards

UK 27 Mar 2011 The Drop, Stoke Newington,

UK 4 Mar 2011 The Tabernacle, London, supporting  Tallulah Rendall’s album launch

UK 25 Feb 2011 The Institue of Contemporary Art, Pall Mall, London

TAS 28 Jan 2011 EcoHaven Gallery, Hobart, Tasmania  lunchtime concert and evening concert

TAS 27 Jan 2011 EcoHaven Gallery, Hobart, Tasmania, lunchtime concert and evening concert

AUS 25 Jan 2011  The Paris Cat, Melbourne

AUS 24 Jan 2011  The Basement, Sydney NSW

AUS 23 Jan 2011 Newcastle NSW

AUS 22 Jan 2011  New Tattershalls Hotel Lismore  NSW

AUS 21 Jan 2011 Bangalow  Bowls  Club NSW

(4 – 16 Jan 2011 supporting Toni Childs)

AUS 16 Jan 2011 West Tamworth Leagues Club, NSW

AUS 15 Jan 2011 Tambulaine Wines, Pokolbin NSW

AUS 14 Jan 2011  Evan Theatre, Sydney NSW

AUS 12 Jan 2011 Manning  Entertainment  Centre, Taree  NSW

AUS 11 Jan 2011 Nambucca RSL, NSW

AUS 9 Jan 2011 Mullumbimby Civic Hall NSW

AUS 8 Jan 2011 Panthers, Port Macquarie NSW

AUS 7 Jan 2011 Club Coffs, CoffsHarbour, NSW

AUS 5 Jan 2011 Ballina RSL, NSW

AUS 4 Jan 2011 Yamba Bowling Club, NSW

AUS 31 Dec 2010 Woodford Festival,Queensland,Australia

AUS 30 Dec 2010  Woodford Festival, Queensland, Australia

AUS 29 Dec 2010 Woodford Festival, Queensland, Australia

AUS 28 Dec 2010 Woodford Festival, Queensland, Australia

UK 18 Dec 2010 The Luminaire, Kilburn London supporting Eden House

UK 2 Dec 2010 Blag Club, Notting Hill, London

UK 26 – 27 Nov 2010 Stratford Circus. ‘Panoramic’ – Acoustic cello with Aerial performance from Leo and Yam

UK 23 – 24 Nov 2010 Jackson’sLaneTheatre,London. ‘Panoramic’ – Acoustic cello with Aerial performance from Leo and Yam.

UK 12 Nov 2010 – House concert Herts

UK 11 Nov 2010 Shunt, LondonBridge (opening for Tallulah Rendall)

UK 4 Nov 2010 Inspiral,Camden(opening for Digitonal)

FRANCE  31 Oct 2010 Theatre Kiron, Paris

UK 7 Oct 2010 Saatchi GalleryLondon

UK 29 Sept 2010 London, supporting Tallulah Rendall, Beach Blanket Babylon, Notting Hill

UK 18 Sept 2010 Santiago’s,Leeds

UK 12 Sept 2010 START garden party, Clarence House, London, featuring Will Connor on percussion

UK 24 Jul 2010 The Barbican, London with Aerial performance from Leo Hedman and Yam Doyev.

UK 19 Jul 2010 Bar & Co Temple Pier

UK 8 Jul 2010 Blag Club Notting Hill

SOUTH AFRICA 4 Jul 2010 Cape Town, South Africa,

UK 19 Jun 2010 Literary festival with Tallulah Rendall

UK 8 Jun 2010 Private evening concert

UK 29 May 2010 OTT festival with Tallulah Rendall

UK 23 May 2010 Private Luncheon concert

UK 4 May 2010 The Luminaire, London, improv set with Damo Suzuki

UK 30 Apr 2010 Cable Club, London Bridge solo acoustic

UK24 Apr 2010 StratfordCircus, Premier of aerial circus show by Leo & Yam featuring music composed by Jo

UK 18 Apr 2010  Blag Club Notting Hill

UK 8 Apr 2010 Hare & Hounds, Birmingham

UK 8 Mar 2010 Royal Academy of Arts, London, with Tallulah Rendall

UK 26 Feb 2010 40 Winks, London with Tallulah Rendall

JAPAN 4 Feb 2010 The Rock  Joint Tokyo

JAPAN 3 Feb 2010 The Pink Cow Tokyo

NZ 31 Jan 2010 Cassette Number 9 Auckland

NZ 30 Jan 2010 Pole Revolutio NZ Auckland

AUS 22 Jan 2010 Sydney

AUS 20 Jan 2010 The Vanguard Sydney

AUS 16 Jan 2010 ’Living Room’ Chelsea, Melbourne

AUS 15 Jan 2010 Paris Cat Melbourne

AUS 14 Jan 2010 East Brunswick Club Melbourne

AUS 13 Jan 2010  New Sydney Hotel Hobart

AUS 10 Jan 2010 Republic Bar & Cafe Hobart

AUS 9 Jan 2010 Cygnet Folk Festival

AUS 7 Jan 2010 O’Keefe’s Hotel (Launceston)

AUS 6 Jan 2010 Brookfield Vineyard,Tasmania



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